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Melody Dillard


Hi, I’m Melody Dillard. I am a wife, mother and a breast cancer survivor. Aside from caring for my family, I also run my own interior design business. I have always enjoyed bringing new life to old things and creating something out of nothing.  So for the last twelve years my focus has been on helping women turn their homes into a place they love and are happy with. However, over the last eighteen months, my passion has shifted somewhat.

Just over a year ago, I set out on a mission to enjoy (really enjoy) the life God designed for me. What a journey it has been! It has transformed my way of thinking, as well as, the desires of my heart. You see, for years I struggled with being content. Whether it was with my house, my job, relationships or myself. I have always had the mindset that if I could tweak things just a little they would be so much better. This thought process has often left me dissatisfied and longing for more. God has designed an amazing life for each one of us, yet many of us don’t enjoy that because we are always searching for more. More of what though? Things? Achievements? The perfect mate or child?

That’s where I used to look. But as I have intentionally sought God’s direction in my life, I have finally experienced true contenment. The contentment I am referring to is not found in material things or even in someone. People and things are temporary.  The kind of peace and joy I have found is everlasting.

Of course, I still have to make a daily choice to put aside my plans and desires, but I am finally on my way to Living by His Design. Care to join me?


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  1. margaret shell
    on Jun 2nd at 11:18 pm

    Enjoyed each of your listings and look forward to more, thanks for your ensight!

    • Melody Dillard
      on Jun 4th at 7:46 am

      Thanks so much!


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