What’s in Your Toolbox?

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Every person has a dream of some kind,  big or small. As children we dare to dream about the possibilities our future will hold, never understanding how complicated life actually is. Your dream might be as ambitious as becoming the next President, as exciting as becoming a well known musician, or as simple as becoming a mom. Whatever your dream, one thing is certain; it won’t just happen. It begins with a step…sometimes a step of faith.

I believe just as God allows dreams to grow in our heart, He also equips us with a full arsenal to help us achieve those dreams. One of my dreams as a child was to be a missionary. I don’t know that I wanted to travel across the world to be one; my own backyard was good enough for me. All I knew was I loved Jesus and so I set out to save the world (which was anyone who lived within a couple of blocks of me at the time).

One of the tools in my arsenal was the gift of evangelism. As a child I didn’t know anything about the spiritual gifts and I certainly didn’t know anything about God’s plan for my life.  I did, however,  have that bold child-like courage that allows you to share your beliefs unapologetically, unashamed and unafraid of what anyone will think.  That and the determined strong willed spirit to fuel it! Aside from spiritual gifts, He gives each of us special abilities and talents that enable us to achieve our dreams as well.  Do you know what your gifts are?

Many years have passed since that childhood dream took root in my heart; however, I am finally beginning to chip away at it a little each day. First, with the book I have written, Threads of Grace,  and I will also be leaving at the end of June to go on my first mission trip! Botswana, Africa here I come. So it looks like I was callled to go to a third world country…even if it is only for 10 days!

Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? If not, I encourage you to dig a little deeper and find out. We all have them and God has placed each one of us here to accomplish something great for His kingdom!


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