Does God Want To Use You?

As I stretched out across my daughter’s bed one night I was mentally and physically spent.  When she asked if we could read some stories before bed I sighed and half-heartedly said, “Sure.”

We keep two devotionals on the night stand by her bed so I reached for one of them and opened to the reading for the day.  I am easily drawn in by the title so when my eyes caught the words “I can use you” I decided to jump ahead and read that one instead.

The scripture reading was Luke 1:37 “God can do everything!”   The first few words went something like this… “I am the almighty, all-powerful God. Nothing is too difficult for Me. Yet I choose to work through you—with all your weaknesses and struggles.”

It wasn’t something I hadn’t heard or read many times before, but I definitely needed reminding of it that night. You see over the last few days Satan had been working overtime trying to discourage me. He had been abnormally busy telling me all the reasons why I couldn’t do what I felt in my heart God has asked me to do. And I have to admit he had some pretty convincing evidence!!

Going to great lengths to point out all of my weaknesses, only proving his case even more. He loves to fill our minds with negative thoughts about ourselves and even our circumstances. Some days it feels like he plops right down on my shoulder and continuously points out all of my shortcomings and mistakes. He is really quite good at what he does.

However, it is up to me whether I choose to believe them or take them captive and ask myself, “What does God say about me?”

As I read the words in that devotional that night I was reminded that God would never ask me to do anything I wasn’t able to do. He loves to use the ones that are the most unlikely choice. In our weaknesses He is made strong. After all, if we were capable on our own what would we need Him for?

For me, I have to surrender these thoughts daily, sometimes hourly. Lol.  But that’s okay. It is teaching me more and more to rely on God for everything, including knowing who I am in Christ.

Today, I will not let Satan discourage me from being all Christ wants me to be.

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