The Book

The Book

From the time every little girl is old enough to know who Prince Charming is she dreams of meeting hers.  Fantasizing about her wedding day, she begins crafting her fairytale life.

As a child, my big dream was to get married and have children! I spent countless hours in my imaginary world playing with my babies and setting up house. I took special care to make sure everything was in order, just as it should be.  Whether you shared the same dream or a different one, we all have  high hopes of what our future will hold.  As children it  is hard to imagine our adult life will be anything less than the fairy tales we watched in the movies. However, as your life begins to unfold,  there isn’t always “a happily ever after” attached.  In fact, sometimes it is far from that.

My life has taken many dramatic turns I never imagined it would.  I have faced some situations I didn’t think possible, and sometimes I wasn’t  so sure I would survive.   Over a span of eleven years, I experienced something I describe as “the perfect storm” for every woman.  It was during this time that  I questioned where God was in all that was happening.  As I struggled to pick up the pieces of my broken dreams, I wondered how He could allow me to suffer such unspeakable pain; never realizing He wanted desperately to heal my broken heart if only I would let Him.

God did, over time, mend my broken heart as well as fulfill my deepest desires.  Through mine and Rob’s suffering , He drew both of us closer to Him preparing us for the biggest challenge of my life.  On January 22, 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told I was pregnant in the same breath. In those first few days, the prognosis from the doctors was grim, and it seemed we were faced with an impossible situation. But that’s God’s specialty! As the days passed, we sought God’s will every step of the way and our fears began to dissipate.  Time and time again, God revealed Himself to us as we walked through a year that began with fear and uncertainty, yet closed with more blessings than our hearts could measure.

Threads of Grace…A Survivor’s Journey is the story of how Rob and I have confronted the trials set before us during our twenty three year marriage.  Handling each one differently, sometimes we trusted God and sometimes we didn’t. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I can see clearly now when we failed to put our faith and trust in Him. Having done it both ways, I can tell you  choosing not to trust God during the tough times only made them that much harder. Likewise, choosing to rest in the palm of His hand during the trials is one of the sweetest places to be.

Threads of Grace is in the final stages of editing and I am anticipating a release date of May 30, 2013 or sooner.

You can check back here for updates as I wrap things up!




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  1. Marjorie DeDanko
    on Jun 24th at 2:12 am

    Hello sweetie. Sorry I did not get to attend your celebration today. I do want to purchase the book. I am sorry to say I lost my niece at the age of 41in October. Can’t wait to read about what God has done for you &your family.


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